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Okay, so I’ve been thinking about this a while because of the way Dean and Cas’s relationship has progressed been destroyed so far got me thinking.

Remember at the end of Season 5, Dean and Cas know the end is coming. On one side, either they’re all going to die, and on the other side, they could win, but where would that live Dean and Cas?

Dean knows that if they end up sending the Devil back to hell, Cas will most likely end up going back to heaven.

Do you know what Dean starts doing?

He starts pushing Cas away by being an asshole. That’s Dean’s defense mechanism. Always has been. When people start getting too close, he lashes out. For example, when Sam always tries to get him to talk about his feelings, Dean becomes a smartass.

This is his only friend he has, and there’s a good possibility he may never see him again so to make it less painful Dean pushes Cas away by being an uncaring douche.

At the end of season 5, we get Dean’s worse fear coming true, Sam is gone and Cas just ups and leaves him. Can you see how hurt Dean was by it? He didn’t want Cas to leave, but he’s too macho not to admit it to him. And, I’m sure Cas felt like he had no choice but to leave. If he hadn’t, the power would’ve automatically fallen to Raphael, and then everything they worked and died for would’ve been for nothing.

There’s always that big ‘What if?’

What if Dean had asked Cas to stay? Would he have stayed for Dean?

We’ll never know for sure.

Then season 6 starts and Dean is a big jerk to Cas. All he does is boss Cas around, treat him like crap, insult him, ignores what he’s going through with the heavenly war, and only calls Cas when he needs something.

Then it hit me. This is Dean’s defense mechanism kicking in. He’s still hurt from Cas leaving him alone for a year. Cas never checked in on him.

Dean didn’t hear from him at all. Can you imagine that?

You just lost your brother. You got to this woman’s house based on a promise you made to your brother. You’re best friend just flew off and left you when you needed him the most. How would you feel?

Let’s face it. Dean is bitter and hurt, and it’s all aimed at Cas.

Now I’m not saying what Dean is doing right. I’ve been very vocal at what an ass Dean is being, but I do understand him a little bit more.

Yet with all Cas has given up and all he’s done, you’d think Dean would give him the benefit of the doubt. You’d think Dean would try to be understanding of Cas’s predicament.

But, no, of course he isn’t. Do you know why?

Because he’s just that hurt about Cas abandoning him. We all know about Dean’s abandonment issues. He cares that much about Cas that he’s he just that badly hurt about being left alone by him.

Will their relationship ever be the same? Only time will tell.

After tonight’s episode, their relationship will be put through the ringer and made even worse than it already was. Dean was able to forgive Sam, so I do believe Dean will forgive Cas, too. It just depends on what the hell Cas has been doing, and how serious it is.

But, I think it’s safe to say that both Dean and Cas need each other more than they’re willing to admit.

I just want them to all have a big group hug.

I will be burying myself in a pile of fix-it fics, after tonight’s episode though.




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