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I will admit that I was impressed by this episode. I actually enjoyed it, even though I was crying for Cas at many points and worried about my poor Sam.

I liked Cas and Crowley conversation.

I loved that Sam didn't give up on Cas completely. I loved that he made an effort to call out Cas that they would help him, although I felt like that should've been Dean. Then, I got to thinking that Dean wanted to truly believe that Cas was gone and not in there anymore because he couldn't stand the thought of Cas doing those things.

I loved the Cas and Death scene. Because this was Death talking Cas had to repsect what he was saying and realize he was heading down the wrong path and doing just some terrible things. I think it was Death that got through to Cas.

I loved that Dean, Sam, and Bobby helped Cas depsite everything. I think at the moment when Cas was getting ready to sacrifice himself (AGAIN), they moved toward some forgiveness.

I enjoyed how they faked us out and made us believe Cas was dead. (BASTARDS)

I loved that Dean and Bobby were sad at the thought of Cas dying and relieved that he was okay.

I loved how they did the scene that the Leviathans had taken over Cas's body.

I'm excited for this season (AND VERY RELIEVED ABOUT MY BB CAS)At least, we know it's not actually him being the big bad.

I'm worried about Sam though. I hope they don't drag out this wall thing. I don't want to see Sam go through that for too long. Hasn't he been though enough?

And also, one thing I didn't like was Dean. He was ready to kill Cas, while Sam wanted to try and talk some sense into him. WTF? Then Dean calls him a child, when he thinks Cas is dead. WTF again?

Overall, I really liked it. Now, if only they can keep it up.
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