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I am a fan of Vampire Diaries and I love the actors who play Stefan and Damon, but I'll be honest they have nothing on Dean and Sam.

Sorry you guys.

I gave up on One Tree Hill a long time ago, so I don't care about James Lafferty. Misha must win. 

Stefan vs. Sam
Dean vs. Damon
Castiel vs. Nathan
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It was a great episode last night. I'm just going to list my favorite parts.

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There actual tears sliding down my face as I write this. I'm on a Dean/Cas kick, so I've been reading alot of that pairing. I have another Dean/Castiel fic for you guys. Beware it's a character death. It's just so beautiful. I don't know why I keep torturing myself with these type of fics, but I like reading different stuff, so I said screw it and read it anyway. This was written by [ profile] frayed1989 .

Get your tissues guys. I need to go get myself some. Enjoy.
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Go have fun. I hope it will help with this long dark Decemeber without any new episodes. : (

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I just have to rec this. It's a Dean/Castiel fic. It's beautiful and hurty. It was written by [ profile] bauble . It's just very sad. It's called "The Day We Saved the World. "

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There's some survey or whatever happening on
Supernatural's going up against True Blood and Heroes. For some reason, Heroes is winning. What?

I mean I like Heroes and I love True Blood, but Supernatural should be winning. The order of winning should be Supernatural, True Blood, then Heroes.

I've voted like 20 times, but nothing seems to change. So now it's up to you guys to help, if you want to, which you should. Just look at the comments at the bottom; they are wondering the same thing. Why is Heroes winning?
Here's the link:;newtabs#p7

Good luck. Down with Heroes. Just Kidding but I'm kind of serious.
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I just found out that Jensen Ackles is engaged to Danneel Harris. (Hey, this deserves it's own post. This is Jensen we're talking about.)
While I am sad at the thought of him being off the market, I really do wish them luck and happiness.

Just like Jensen, I am waiting for some fans to be very upset and bitter about this. I think some people are going to start hating Danneel., which is unfair. She seems like a cool chick.

I can understand being a little disappointed, but we do not own Jensen Ackles (although we may think that). He is his own person.

I liked Danneel on One Tree Hill. Sorry, That and Ten Inch Hero are the only things I know her from. But, I thought she was great on OTH. She's on the new season right.

I steer clear of One Tree Hill now because Lucas and Peyton are gone and that pisses me off. Bastards. >: /

Anyway, I will have my J2, Dean/Cas, Dean/Sam fics to comfort me through the night, so I'll be okay.

I wonder if Jared's going to be his best man that would be so sweet, but I know Jensen has a brother, so I don't know who he's going to pick.

I just wanted to offer my congratulations to Jensen and Danneel.
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I was geting ready for school one morning and my younger sister was flipping channels and it landed on the CW. Then a preview of Supernatural started playing. They started playing that creepy ass song.

What is it called? O Death.

It's so creepy and haunting, but I effing love it. I don't know. I'm weird like that.
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My fav tv couple would be Sam and Dean from Supernatural. I know their brothers and all that. I'm just saying their entertaining to watch. Okay. Geeze. 
I also like Tony and Ziva from NCIS. I love their bickering. : P


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