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This looks pretty awesome. I like the way they did the action and Sam. My only complaint is Dean does not look like Dean. I'm still going to watch it anyway. I want to see how they eventually draw Cas.

I'll check my f-list tomorrow. This week's been tiring. I've been staying up every night to study for my midterms and tests.
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I was just watching this video on youtube about people's top ten hottest Naruto characters, and I've decided to create my own list. Don't jump down my throat, these are just my opinions.

1. Neji (I am in love with an anime character. Marry me, Neji. Oh, I forgot he's not real)

2. Sasuke (dark, mysterious, and sexy, need I say more)

3. Naruto (I always thought Naruto was cute, and I know he' s going to grow up and be one sexy ninja)

4. Kakashi (Just look at his picture, and you'll understand and he's so cool, too)

5. Gaara( Besides the murderous tendencies, he is so cute)

6. Itachi (Altough he killed his clan. we now know the reasons why. He's a Uchiha and sexy. 'nough said there also)

7. Kiba (I hadn't thought of Kiba that way, until I saw a picture of him well, half-dressed,  and I have seen the light)

8. Shikamaru (He's smart, loyal, and cute. He just likes to hang out, which I also like to do, so that's a plus)

9. Kankouro (I didn't realize how sexy he was at first without all that stuff on his face)

10. Lee (I had to add Lee; how can you not like him. It's the green suit)

Feel free to tell me your top 10 sexiest Naruto characters, if anybody reads my journal.


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