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Since people on my f-list have been shown THE BEAUTY THAT IS HAWAII FIVE-O. I decided to put together a fic rec list. These are the stories that I've read so far that I've liked. They're mostly Danny/Steve. DUH. THE ON-SCREEN CHEMISTRY IS UNDENIABLE. THEY'RE MY NEW OTP.

I'd advise to read the headings just in case some of the stories contain spoilers. I'd hate for anyone to get spoiled, and they haven't caught up with the episodes yet.

Let me know if a link doesn't work.


Here you go. )
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This is what I've been doing lately.


I've spent hours talking to this thing. It's so much fun.
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First of all,

It's a community dedicated to the Archangel Michael. Who wants to read fic about him and Cas. *raises hand*

A text from my sister I got a few minutes ago:

My younger sister: This Jonas Brother movie is not in 3-d  I tried to watch it with my glasses. I don't see anything.

Me: LOL, then O_O   Random much
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[livejournal.com profile] gabrielsamWell, that's a hell of a height difference. Join | Add/Watch | Track | Post

I read a couple fics on this pairing. It amuses me greatly. I find the lack of Dom!Sam depressing though.

But anyway, how y'all been doing. I finally finished Christmas shopping. I bought my mom this Ruby ring she's been wanting for a while. It doesn't come until after Christmas, but I'll surprise her for her birthday which is two days after Christmas.
I bought both my sisters Victoria's Secret crap, not bras, the perfume  and lotion stuff. That's what they asked for. Now I'm done.
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Go have fun. I hope it will help with this long dark Decemeber without any new episodes. : (


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