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Pepperoni with lots of cheese, bits of grilled chicken, and a thick, fluffy crust.


Now, I'm hungry.
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House and Supernatural.

These past seasons were so disappointing. I'm hoping season 7 of Supernatural will be better, and if it's not, then it needs to go ahead and end.
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chocolate and a lot of alcohol.
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Christmas because I get free presents.


...oh...and...I get to give my family presents. -_-

I don't care for Valentine's Day at all.
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handsome (Does this make me a shallow person because I'm okay with that.)
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My pet fish I named Kanye West. There was no other fish like him. He would watch t.v with me, and my sister took a picture of me. Kanye West was right by me looking a the camera.
I really miss him.

I also had a pet turtle named Tye. I wish I coul tell him that I was sorry, and I should've taken better care of him. I creid so much when he died.

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I remember watching the early X-Men and Spiderman cartoon. I think those were the early 90s, and I was really young then. Then later on I was watching the Batman cartoon. Then Justice League started coming on Cartoon Network. They also played X-Men: Evolution and Batman Beyond.

I was going to the movie theater to see the Batman movies. I still go and see any superhero movie that comes out. I love them; I can't help it. My love for Ironman, Fantastic Four, and The Hulk has grown alot because of the movies.

Although, I never read the comics, I was clearly a superhero fan from an early age. I tend to love Marvel more than DC, but I can't help but be a big fan of Batman.

Even though, it's more than one person. X-Men has some of my favorite superheroes, especially Wolverine.

Wow, this is a long answer. Sorry.

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That's easy. I would say Rome, Italy, or Greece. There's just so much culture in both places. I think it would be a great experience to see all the sights, the food, the art. I would love it.

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First off, I would probably move. Where? An apartment somewhere.

Secondly, travel a bit. Not too many places.

Lastly, save the rest.

What can I say? I'm a simple person.

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All the Chistmases at our old house were special. It was just my sisters, my mom, and me.

We had a lot of good times there. I kind of miss those times. It was before all this crap happened. 

It's not so bad now, but those were some good times.
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Definitely Raising Hope. It's hilarious.
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I haven't dressed up for Halloween in a long time. The last thing I dressed up was a nun for a party at my school. I kind of miss doing that, but I haven't really had a reason to do so since then. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to do it again.
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Uh, Harry Potter.

How awesome would being a wizard be?
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I hate okra. It's all slimy and stuff.
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I know directors, writers, and everyone else will not be able to include everything into the movie. I know changes will be made and scenes will be cut.

But, when their are just blatant changes made for no reason, and actors chosen who have no concept of acting out the character, then this is where I get pissed.

Don't take something and make it unrecognizable. How hard is it to stcik as closely to the source material as possible?
I'm not asking you to keep everything word for word, but at least, respect the source material and be as on point as  possible.
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I'm tired of hearing about Twilight.

No, just the fanfics. They're way better.
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Dean Winchester, of course.
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N'Sync 'I Want You Back'

A few Jonas Brother songs

A few Demi Lovato songs

A few songs from Miley Cyrus

What? Don't judge me. I am just a lover of music and that means all kinds. I mostly keep it to myself though. My sisters already tease me about my music taste.

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1. TV Shows/Movies
2. Family/Friends
3. Fandom/Internet
4. School/Future Plans
5. Daydreaming/Writing Ideas
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1. shy
2. funny
3. smart
4. loyal
5. good listener
6. nice
7. eclectic
8. creative
9. weird
10. independent


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