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Can I just say how much I loved this episode? This reminded me of the first thirteen episodes of Glee from the first season. That was the show I fell in love with, not all this theme shows  and other crap that lead nowhere.

It had the right amount of character development for everyone.

I wish all the episodes could be like this.

I loved all the duets, especially, Santana and Mercedes. They should've won. I was looking forward to Artie and Brittany singing together. :(

Kurt's duet was from something I actually knew about. I saw the movie Victor/Victoria with Julie Andrews. I think my sister was watching it and I got caught up in it. I thought he did a great job with the song.

Rachel and Finn were kind of hilarious, at least she realized she wasn't a very good person. Hopefully, Rachel will do better. I liked how she talked to Kurt at the end to make him feel better.

I'm also glad Finn called Kurt out because he needs to stop going after straight guys. It only leads to heartache. (I'm on the fence whether Sam is gay or not or bi but still) This is the second episode after Grilled Cheese-us I actually felt bad for Kurt. Other times I thought he was mean to Rachel, playing at being the victim, and annoying.

I thought Sam and Quinn were so cute though.

I really missed Puck though, so he was in jail the entire time. Why? I think I missed that part.

I feel bad for Artie too. I ship Brittany/Artie now. : )

If only this character development would continue for everyone, and we actually get to see it. I would really love that.

The musical numbers didn't feel forced or anything. I really enjoyed it.

I can't wait for next week. Naked guys all around. YaY!


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